Check out my videos as a better way to get to know me. I have and will have new stuff for you to see each week so you will never have to miss me :) There's some behind the scene stuff, where you get to see me during my photo shoots, as well as some more intimate stuff. All my stuff is full nude so you get to enjoy every little part of me. My videos are also the highest possible quality you can get online (and also pretty quick to DL) Divx encoded for high def. picture and small file size. So enjoy!
This is the first photoshoot I ever did for my site, and I was a little nervous, as you can probably tell. I never did anything like this before, so you never know what to expect. It also didn't make it any easier when the cops showed up because we were parked illegally! LOL
The sun was just starting to set for these shots and it looked absolutely gorgeous! Believe it or not though, it was freezing cold outside! I know it's supposed to be summer time and all, but WOW. And the wind didn't help that's for sure!
Ok, so day two of my shooting for my new site, and I'm a little more comfortable. And rested too! So we found a nice secluded part of the beach....well it's not the NICEST looking beach, but it is secluded, and we got to work...
My webby says my best asset is my ass! He even found a talent that I never knew I actually ever had! I'll show you exactly what I mean inside :) But I was excited to find out I have a talent!
Once I got past swatting away at all the bugs, I was back in business. Here's me looking sexy for you once again in my little purple lingerie. This is another one of my behind the scenes videos. Check it out!
Me and Anna decided to have some fun. The idea was to do a car show kind of shoot next to the M6. The funny thing was when this guy came out of nowhere and parked his car right next to us to walk his dog on the beach. I jumped on Anna's lap in the driver seat to hide!
I can get a little freaky too. I actually have this thing where I'm always wet. I told my webby I'm such a slut and always ready to go LOL! So after he heard that, he pulled out a present for me...which I now have at home.